Society Magazine - page 41

uPVC Pipes, uPVC Electrical Con-
duits & Fittings, uPVC
Soil & Vent Pipes,
Polyethene Sheets
Suspended Ceiling,
Flooring Interior Fit-Out Works,
Decorative Painting,
Portacabins, etc
LV/MV Panels, MC Panel,
Feeder Pillars, Package
Substation, Main Panels,
Capacitor Banks
Cable Mgmt, MV Panels,
Feeder Pillars, DBs, MC Panels
Power Tools, Safety Items,
Surveillance System
Airline Tickets,
HotelReservation, Holiday
Packages, Air Charters,Cruises,
Car Rental,Travel Insurance
Al Khayarin Group of Companies
Tel: 44651179, 44653050 Fax: 44654881, 44653734
ISO 9001:2008, 18001:2007, 14001:2004 Certi ed
Electrical works,
Low Current System, HVAC,
Plumbing Works, Drainage Works,
Fire Fighting & AlarmWorks
Construction of High Rise Towers,
Housing Solutions, Commercial Buildings,
Villa Compounds, Business Complexes,
Government Facilities etc.
Grade ‘A’ Contractor
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