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classroom, and there is no one there to
support you. After I receivedmy doctoral
degree I became an assistant professor
andwas involved in developing and
teachingmy own courses, supervising
student dissertations, and further devel-
opingmy research output. After a few
years as an assistant professor and after
showing some good results in teaching,
research, and service to the university, I
was promoted to an associate professor
level. Naturally, my teaching assignments
andmy research did not stop, but I also
became actively involved in adminis-
tration and developed the university’s
Institutional Effectiveness programme.
After spending a fewyears as an associate
professor and Institutional Effectiveness
officer, I was promoted to the position of
Assistant Dean. I spent six years in this
position before becoming an Executive
Dean at Stenden.
As you look forward, what’s
your vision for the Stenden Qatar as
its newExecutive Dean?
At Stendenwe are aiming to become
a school of excellence and a premier pro-
vider of hospitalitymanagement, tourism
management, and international business
management education in the region and
internationally. Wewill further improve
the quality of our existing programmes
and offer some newprogrammes in the
future. Wewill bring the real life learning
into our classroomby forming synergisti-
cally beneficial partnershipwith various
tourism, hospitality, and business organ-
isation and provide our students with
great learning and employment opportu-
nities. As a universitywe have some very
successful alumni, andwewill need to
connect with themand use themas our
ambassadors. This will help us to further
improve our visibility and develop our
Are there any specific prac-
tices you pitched that would like
to bring over from the Emirates
Academy in Dubai to the Stenden
There aremany similarities between
StendenUniversity inQatar and the Emir-
ates Academy in Dubai and some of the
best practices from the Academy can be
transferred to Stenden. StendenUniversi-
tyQatar has its own identity and I would
not like to compare it to any other school.
One of my goals is to implement the rigor-
ous quality assurancemechanism, which
we used at the Emirates Academy and
to develop great collaborationwith our
industry partners, and actively involve
them in the educational process. Wewill
formally launch our alumni association
and industry advisory board, and enter
into partnerships with various academic
and industry organisations both national-
ly and internationally.
What do you think needs to
happen to improve the current
systemof education?
One of the trends in the futurewill be
the internationalisationof higher educa-
tion, whichwould include student and
facultymobility. We live in a globalised
world and the students of the futurewill
need to become culturally intelligent.
The overall number of students studying
abroadwill increase anduniversitieswill
need to learnhow tomeet the needs of
such students. Fromthat perspective
I think that we as a university are very
privileged as internationalization is one
of Stenden’smainpillars and Stendenhas
multiple campuses in theNetherlands,
SouthAfrica, Bali, Thailand, and inQatar.
Our students are actively encouraged to
visit and study at anyof these locations
and experience different cultures and
environments. Another trendwhichwill
positively impact the overall qualityof
higher education in the futurewill be the
focus onproblem-based learning, which is
another one of Stenden’s pillars. But toput
everything into a nutshell – understanding
different people and cultures andbeing
able to solve real-life problemswill be two
of the skillswhich future graduateswill
need to acquire inorder to be successful.
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