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Safaa F. Siddiqui
33-year-oldmother of two from Ireland. “I’ve played basketball at a
competitive level froma young age but struggled to find a team to
playwithwhen I first moved here. So being fit all my life and then
having two years ‘off’ having babies and breastfeedingwith little
or no exercise, it was tough to get back on track and I was very
nervous. It was after I hadmy sonwhowas a very poor sleeper
and suffered from reflux, that one day I had to go for a run to de-
stress and I felt somuch better and calmer afterwards. A friend
encouragedme to sign up for a half marathon inViennawhich
I completed and I have now signed up to do a full marathon in
Paris inApril.”
Leigh does CrossFit five times aweek and builds it into her day.
“I try to eat healthy because if I don’t, I can’t exercise properly,
although I do have the odd cheat day andwe all need some
Leigh’s top tips:
“I enjoy feeling fit and healthy and try to be a
positive rolemodel for my children. I want them tomake healthy
choices and encourage an active lifestyle. Exercisemakesme a
much calmer mumand also givesme the energy to run around
after my very energetic son!”
23-year-oldmother to a 14month old. Originally
from India, but born and brought up in Kuwait.
Safaa admits that she has always been on the “big
side” due to various factors including lifestyle, but
once she got engaged to her husband, she finally
decided to drop the extraweight for her wedding.
“Likemost women, I had gained a lot of weight
inmy pregnancy. And post-partumwas quite an
emotional roller coaster for me, which led to very
rash eating habits. I was absolutely sick and tired
of looking andmost of all FEELING theway I did.
So I startedworking out at home. I do a combina-
tion of strength and cardio, in the formof online
workout videos. I knowmanywill laugh at me
for saying this but trust mewhen I tell you, they
dowork! I switched out all thewhites to browns,
stopped eating ricewhich ismy biggest weakness,
and started consuming all dairy products in fat
free form. I always start my daywith a cup of
green tea and a banana.”
Safaa’s top tips:
“First of all, be happy! You need
to be able to love and accept yourself theway
you are! Accept your flaws, and please don’t ever
compare yourself to others.”
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