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31-year-oldBritishmother of two. Beingdiag-
nosedat averyyoungagewithadisorder
that significantly impairedhermobility,
Jessicadecided to takecontrol of her life
andhealthand that of her family too.
“I like to eat organic asmuch as possible
and eating foods in season and responsi-
bly sourced. Nutrition is very important
tome and I eat awell-balanced diet
making surewe all have protein, carbs,
dairy, fruit and vegwith everymeal. I limit
redmeat and eat other sources of protein
like tofu, fish and pulses so the boys get a
wide range of foods to try and enjoy. I feel
that taking care of my health allowsme to
be the best mum I can be, both physically
andmentally. I feel staying active benefits
not onlymyself but my boys too.”
Jessica’s top tips:
“Take time out for
you. You are amother and awife but most
importantly you are your own person.”
34-year-oldmother of two fromSouth
Africa. She’s an advanced Life Support
Paramedic andworks shift rotations.
“I simply got tired of being tired and fed
upwith being fed up. I have always been
active and sporty and have always eaten
well but after two kids andwith a busy
lifestyle exercise and regular meals (albeit
healthymeals) took a backseat. I didn’t
like how I felt inmy own body andmost
of all I didn’t like the example I was setting
for my daughter.”
Wendy approached a Personal Trainer
andNutritionist and started taking con-
trol of her health. “I now train five days out
of eight (the other three days I ameither
on a 14 hour day or sleeping between
night shifts) doing High intensity train-
ingwhich includes a combinedmuscle
and cardioworkout. I eat according to
a healthy eating planwhich basically
givesme a balance nutritional intake and
allowsme to loseweight without draining
my body.”
Wendy’s top tips:
“Remember your
to lookafter yourself too! Youcanbe so
muchmore for your family if youarekinder
toyourself andyou loveyourselfmore. “
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