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tickingwith a healthy eating plan and exercise routine can be a struggle for anyone. But for mums, squeezing inworkouts and
making sure you eat healthy, can sometimes feel near to impossible. After all, howare you supposed to find time towork out
when you can’t even go to the bathroomundisturbed?
Finding time can be the greatest challenge, and as amummyself, I can definitely relate. Between caring for kids, workplace demands,
household chores, doctors’ appointments, school and all the rest, there is often precious little time left for mom.
To help you get motivated, we’re highlighting stories of real mums who are getting in shape, living healthy andmaking it work. Healthy
living has not only improved thesewomen’s life, but also those of their family.
Meet themotherswho juggleworkand
family, andstill findtime tostay ingood
shape, livehealthyandmake itwork.
By Sondra Hope
nAmericanexpatwithayoung son.
Shemanages ayoga studioand is also
acertifiedyoga teacher andCrossFit athlete.
“I ama very independent person and nev-
er want to have to depend on someone
else. I practice yoga and liftweights be-
cause I want to be able to do things onmy
own. Tome, it signifies independence and
I never want to lose that if it can possibly
be prevented throughmovement.
Kristin believes in following a balanced
meal plan that includes a variety of pro-
teins, carbs, healthy fats, fruits and vege-
tables. “Mymain food rule is to always eat
a big breakfast. I get my CrossFit workout
done in themorning and then follow it up
with some yoga.”
Whilst Kristin admits that as amum, we
sometimes feel guilty taking time for our-
selves, she also adds that it is important
to be a bit selfish and give ourselves time
during each day to nourish ourselves.
Kristin’s top tips:
“If youare settinggoals
for yourself, write themdownor tell a trust-
ed friend, soyoucanhaveaccountability.”
Kristin Louis
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