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owmany of us have been using ‘no time’ as an excuse
or maybe a formof self-protection fromhaving to
endure the disappointment of failing tomake time
for exercise and achieve outcomes? Here’s what we knowand
want you to know. The advantages of looking after your body
are numerous and not only does it reap benefits to your long
termhealth but regular exercise and a dedicated fitness regime
can alsomake you feel better and performbetter at home and
work. Isn’t that a deal worth cracking?
Take baby steps: All
mums are experts
at encouraging their
little ones to take baby
steps and guide them
watchfully until they
are confident enough to
walkwithout faltering.
Cut two, put yourself
in their shoes. As
much as a 60-minute
daily fitness planmay
entice you, it may
not be possible and
don’t let that affect
your motivation. Even
10-minutes of moderate
to vigorous cardiovas-
cular activity can yield
health benefits. If you
only have time to fit in
small bursts of exercise,
ensure that youmaxim-
ise the benefits. While
low-intensity activities
likewalking are great as
part of an overall exer-
cise regimen, themore
parts of your body you
canmove at once the
better. Don’t forget that
high-energy aerobic
exercise andwork outs,
such as skipping, run-
ning, alongwith Zumba,
torch a lot of calories in
less time.
Make it fun so that you
stick to it: Hop on to the
new-age adrenaline
pumping fun so that ex-
ercising never seems a
drag. Swinging to Zum-
ba or breaking a sweat
withHIITwill not just
groove you into addic-
tive fitness sessions but
will also shape you up
to flaunt those coveted
designer ensembles. Do
it together with a fitness
buddy or your partner
to burn those calories
alongwith lots of fun. If
you don’t knowwhere
to go, Fitness First has
just the perfect setting
with inspiring interi-
ors and experienced
instructors to sizzle up
your fitness sessions.
Keep a log and plan
for better body results:
Having awritten plan
makes youmore
accountable to yourself
and increases the like-
lihood of you getting
themost fromyour
workouts. Organise
and plan the times and
days youwill exercise
andwhat youwill do.
Ensure you keep an
accountability quotient
with family and friends
to evade skipping of
fitness schedules. Also,
make it a habit to pen
downwhat goes into
your mouth. Knowing
the impact of the food
you eat, not onlymakes
you strive harder to
achieve fitness results
but alsomakes you an
intelligent eater.
Encourage incidental
exercises: Performing
everyday tasks without
meaning to actually
work out are simply
the best and are known
as incidental exercise.
Your daily life and
routine demands walk,
stretch and runwhilst
performing chores.
You can alsomake
purposeful choices
such as taking the stairs
instead of elevator and
bike or walk towork.
Workingmums should
oftenmake it a habit to
intersperse some kind
of incidental exercise
in daily routines. Like,
amidst group discus-
sions, choose to stand
to voice your opinion.
Set up themeeting over
awalk instead of round-
tablewith like-minded
colleagues. Toe-raises
and stretching legs
whilst at the desk does
trickle in themuch
required stretch in time-
stressed lives. Squeez-
ing a small ball while on
an official conversation
on the phone or whilst
readingmanuscript be-
fore you get ready for a
client meeting; not only
helpmuscles on hand
to exercise and relax
but also relieves stress
that can otherwise go
back homewith you
even after the day ends.
Plan action-packed
weekends: Weekends
are a great time to
involve the entire
family for some active
fun. Plan thosemuch
outings to a hiking
or biking nature trail.
Heavy gardening that
includes pushing, pull-
ing, bending, squatting,
digging and shovelling
will reap youmore
fruits that you can ever
imagine. A beach out-
ing can be loadedwith
volleyball and a run in
sun-kissed sands will
ensure loads of family
fun. Performing yoga
together will usher in
mental peace, harmony
inmaintaining body
balance andwill also
discipline your kids to a
healthy and active life.
Pick up a newactivity.
Learning a new sport
not only helps bring the
family together but also
ensures it stays together
in the spirit of a fit and
active lifestyle.
Life definitely isn’t easy
for a busymumwith
unending social and
personal commitments.
However, with a little
bit of planning, lots of
motivation and the
will to squeeze fitness
in, nomatter how
time-stressed her life is;
makes all the efforts put
in, worth thewhile!
Being physically active is easier than you think, especially if you
make activities a part of your daily routine. But bear inmind that
daily chores such as shopping or housework don’t count, we are
talking about more fun and intense fitness activities If you feel
fitting in aworkout schedule is just unrealistic, try these simple
tips andwe guarantee it will make you feel better mentally and
physically as well as providing valuable ‘me’ timewhich all mums
need and deserve.
Source: Fitness First ME
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