Today, while sitting in one of the modern offices, having acquired a coveted job at this old age, my memories take me back to 16th of April, 1974 when I had first landed in the blessed land of Doha, Qatar seeking a job. It was a hot day. My cousin brother who had arranged my visa had sent me a telegram asking me to rush to Bombay where I was supposed to catch a flight from.

I had to leave my private teaching profession to come to Qatar. After reaching Bombay, I realized that my ticket was sent to Cochin by mistake and had to wander around Air India office in Bombay for 10 days to finally get the ticket. There was no communication facility at that time like today to get the ticket online in seconds. Upon arrival at Doha Airport, my brother took me to an Indian restaurant. We had lunch only for QR.2/- and soft drinks for 35 Dirhams at that time.

My career started as Accounts Clerk in the Modern Home with a salary of QR.600/- It lasted only 19 days, as I got another job in Hamra Traders as Office Manager. The employer had offered QR.700/- but paid QR.750/-. One year after, I got another offer from Bank Paribas with a better salary. But I could not take up the job, as my employer did not want me to leave him and he offered me the same salary.

After two years, my salary became Q.R.1500/- By that time our company grew well with a bigger office, showroom and vehicles. Later I went on leave, got married and on return accepted another job with QR.800/-more salary .After 2 years, I joined the Darwish group. In 1980 I was able to bring my family here. I had worked under 3 different European managers and was in the same company until I left Doha due to some unavoidable family problems in 2005.

Now I am back in Doha after 10 long years and what I can see is a different place – a well-developed and modern city but with the same safety, security and homeliness as I had experienced for several golden years in Qatar.

Mr. Ahammedunny