#mylifeinQatar story by : Duncan Abaho 

Beep beep beep!!

Sound of my alarm hits hard on my ear drum. I open one eye only to be pierced by the bright ray of light coming through the the curtain Window.

It’s morning already I mummer to my self as I lazily get out of my small bed half asleep half awake. I rub my almost watery eyes with the back of my hand in order to see clearly. I let out a big yawn, one that my upper lip almost touching my forehead. I get up and stagger for the bathroom. The cold water from the showers hits hard on my body, feels like a thousand needles piercing through my body.

My body gets used and go on with the showering. As am getting out I hear my mother’s soft and tender voice calling me from the kitchen. Breakfast is ready son you better get down here before it gets cold.

A minute mum I reply her back. I get dressed and head to the dinning table where my entire family is waiting for me. We say a little prayer led by my mum and get on with the food. A combination of “matooke” (local delicacy) and peanut butter source. We eat quietly before the silence is broken by my dad’s big voice..”son you’ll be late for your flight”.

Shivers run down my spine as am reminded that am leaving my home for three
years in the overseas for a job I got there.

I feel sad at the same time scared and excited Sad am leaving home for such a long time, scared am going to a different world and different people but excited of the adventure of visiting a new place and facing new challenges not forgetting the fact traveling on a plane for the very first time in my life.

The fact of me sitting on a plane gave me goosebumps all over my body. Time to say my final goodbyes to my family as mum leads us to player with tears rolling down her cheeks. I was her favorite kid in our family of two me and my older sister. She blessed me as I stepped out for the car, where my dad was already waiting and the engine on.